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In Quebec, interpretation centres abound and make the way for enriching discoveries. These centres may just as easily feature the rich heritage of a region or a city, as nature in its many forms: marine, freshwater and forest habitats, Quebec’s fauna, salt marshes, etc. Additionally, agritourism and terroir products often take the spotlight; Economuseums® are interpretation sites where young and old alike can take pleasure in discovery. Various talented artisans open up their doors to share their passion for their craft and heritage. Visitors can observe the artisan at work while getting to know the history and techniques of the craft, purchase magnificent products and delights made on site. Interpretation signs located along hiking trails or in the parks are also an excellent means to perfect your knowledge of the place visited.
Our suggestions - Interpretation
Louis S. St. Laurent National Historic Site
Situé à Compton dans les Cantons-de-l'Est, à 20 kilomètres de Sherbrooke, le lieu historique national Louis-S.-St-Laurent rappelle la vie et l'œuvre de ...
Insectarium - Montréal Space for Life
The new Insectarium is the first museum in North America where you can get up close to living insects as they move around in total freedom. Come and admire ...
Parc des Chutes de Sainte-Ursule
The Parc des Chutes de Sainte-Ursule is the perfect place to relax. A place where people can simply listen to the sound of the 70-metre-high waterfalls ...
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