Choose Jouvence: A Real All-inclusive Family Resort

Choose Jouvence: A Real All-inclusive Family Resort

Featured Getaways, May 7, 2018 2018-05-07
Try rock climbing at the Jouvence Resort
Try rock climbing at the Jouvence Resort
In the Eastern Townships, you’ll find the Jouvence Resort at the heart of Parc national du Mont-Orford. Their all-inclusive formula lets you plan the vacation you and your family will love. As part of your stay, you get three meals per day as well as access to outdoor gear and plenty of activities. Groups of all ages and families of all kinds will find structured activities tailored to them.

Have fun and relax in an enchanting spot on the shores of Stukely Lake… Jouvence takes care of it all!

Discover this summer’s theme

Each summer a new theme is presented by the organizers at Jouvence to stir the little ones’ imaginations… and awaken the adults’ inner children! This year’s theme features a kingdom of birds and a magical closet in which notorious ostriches were once locked away to bring back a balance with nature. As you walk around the grounds of the resort, decorated to suit the theme, you’re sure to run into some of the characters from this fantastic tale.

Have your pick of popular activities

Embark on an adventure!
Embark on an adventure at Jouvence!

At Jouvence, guests are free to choose the activities they like best! If you want to try rock climbing, there’s a magnificent 40-foot-tall wall on site. Certified experts from FQME (a federation specializing in mountain climbing) are there to assist young climbers who are 7 years of age and up as they tackle the wall.

An archery range in the forest is set up to safely accommodate 20 participants. Because this activity is in such great demand, it’s best to reserve you spot before breakfast. With the all-inclusive formula, guests can also use one of the 11 sailboats to sail freely away on Stukely Lake. After a short learning session with the Captain, you’ll be ready to go on your own adventure. A number of intro courses for sailing are scheduled over the week.

Don’t miss this year’s biggest hit: giant paddleboarding!

For a group activity that’s a fun challenge, a giant paddleboard is just the thing! This 17-foot-long floating board holds up to six standing people. Fits of laughter are guaranteed!

Jouvence, a real ALL-INCLUSIVE vacation resort!

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