Get your tents ready: camping is back!
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Get your tents ready: camping is back!
Get your tents ready: camping is back!

In many places, campers have the green light to start planning getaways this summer. Here are a few tips to help you figure out your trip and enjoy it safely. Remember that many travel bans are still in effect and that it is recommended to choose a campground near your home.

Things to do before you go

1) Book your spot!
Camping enthusiasts are very excited about camping being permitted again – and that means campgrounds are likely to quickly become fully booked. Make sure you have your reservation!

2) Find out about the conditions and regulations
Since campgrounds have had to implement additional sanitary measures, a number of activities and services could be limited or unavailable. For instance, some places have banned campfires. Check out the website of your chosen campground or call them directly if you have any questions – then pack your bags accordingly!

3) Be familiar with physical distancing measures
Because we have to maintain a distance of 2 metres with people who don’t live with us, the logistics of camping need to be adapted. For example, two couples of friends could decide to go camping together, but they would have to get there separately and each couple would have to book their own campsite. Something else to keep in mind: pick up your food and supplies in your home area before heading to your destination.

4) Focus on what you can do
Finding out which activities are available at the moment and planning your stay around those activities is the key to a successful camping trip. Despite special protocols, some onsite activities like hiking, fishing or canoeing with your own boat are permitted, depending on your chosen campground. Bring items to keep you busy, like board games or lawn games, and plan for rainy days, too.

Follow our tips for a successful camping trip!
Follow our tips for a successful camping trip!

Make it a camping-and-hiking trip

In some provincial parks, camping and hiking will be permitted, as well as certain other outdoor activities. Check out the websites of parks and campgrounds near you for all the details.

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