Load up on Winter Fun at Jouvence
Featured Getaways December 28, 2015
Lodge Hors-Piste, Jouvence Resort
Lodge Hors-Piste, Jouvence Resort

A true all-inclusive resort in any season, Jouvence is known for the activities to do on its wonderful site. Families, friends and groups of all kinds can enjoy all the activities: tubing, cross-country skiing, skating or playing hockey on the natural pond, broom-ball, the obstacle course, a hike up Mont Chauve, the spa and the sauna. And no need to lug around your gear for skiing, snowshoeing and sliding; free rentals are available on site. You’ll also enjoy delicious buffet meals, chalet accommodations, a wood fireplace, and what’s more, you can get a hot drink to warm up or some fruit to reenergize at any time!

Looking for fun with friends? Groups of five people or more can choose, for an extra fee, to take part in activities hosted by the expert staff members. Go on a cross-country skiing or snowshoeing expedition or release the lumberjack within as you compete in the “Olympiades bûcherones”, a zany activity where participants are pitted against each other in a friendly competition.


Why not stay in a forest shelter?

Groups of 15 to 36 people can opt to stay in the Lodge Hors-Piste located on Stukely Lake, an incomparable location for a back-to-basics vacation. The white of the snow and the quietness of the environment make it perfect for an improvised hockey or broom-ball game on the lake, or a day of snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. There is also a chef on duty to prepare delicious meals you can enjoy together while chatting. Make Lodge Hors-Piste your home where nothing matters except the present moment!

Nature at your door

Cross-country skiing
Cross-country skiing

If you want a nature-focused vacation, Sarracénie provides ideal accommodations. In harmony with Jouvence’s mission to help discover nature, Sarracénie is a small shelter located in the Parc national du Mont-Orford. Just 1.2 km (0.74 mi.) from the front desk, this magnificent spot overlooking the Castorie pond makes a perfect vantage point for a peek at the beavers’ impressive constructions. This shelter can comfortably house 4 to 8 people and includes a big open area with a living room, wood fireplace and dining room, as well as a mezzanine.



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