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Featured Getaways May 20, 2016
Team of organizers, Jouvence Resort
Team of organizers, Jouvence Resort

Located by Stukely Lake in the magnificent Mont Orford provincial park, the Jouvence Resort is perfect for a family vacation. With a Club format, Jouvence is a real all-inclusive resort that includes buffet meals, accommodations in chalets or larger multi-room houses, outdoor activities for all and access to all necessary gear. Every day of your vacation, you can take part in structured activities, such as rock climbing, archery, obstacle courses, canoeing, kayaking and much more. You’re also free to go swimming, hiking and biking or try stand-up-paddleboating or even sailing (intro courses available).

The summer’s Club format has a no-parents-allowed activity. While the adults enjoy a gourmet meal with mood music, the kids get to spend time with the organizers, who have a memorable evening planned for them.

The imaginary world of Jouvence – the summer 2016 theme

The imaginary world of Jouvence is a world where everything is possible. A bizarre kind of magic has allowed “Peter la Canne” and his pals to stay forever young! Together they laugh and play, but they have to be on the lookout for the villainous pirates headed by “Captain Tournevis” who want to do anyway with Peter for good! But all of a sudden, a strange girl stumbles into this wonderful world and might just change it forever…

A different kind of vacation at Jouvence

Jouvence Resort
Jouvence Resort

The Jouvence Resort is known for the quality of its buffets, the entertainment it provides for children of all ages, the beauty of the location and the wide array of activities included in package deals. The only challenge is choosing what activity to do first!

You also have a lot of choice when it comes to picking out your cozy bed: a total of 125 rooms, many of which have a wood-burning oven, are spread out among private cabins, large pavilions, and a charming inn. Looking for something more rustic? Two shelters located a short walk away give you a special experience in the woods.

At the Jouvence Resort, enjoy a one-of-a-kind family vacation in an all-inclusive hassle-free spot!

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Nestled on Stukely Lake, in the Parc national du Mont-Orford, the Jouvence Resort has been excelling in the art of the all-inclusive vacation for over 40 years.