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Are you looking for ways to entertain the kids? Amusement centres are the ideal option for those who want to have fun. These centres include minigolf, a summertime family fun activity par excellence. You don’t need to be Tiger Woods to enjoy minigolf. Young and old alike can easily make their way through the game, and maybe even score a few holes in one! Sometimes the sites even offer minigolf that becomes an actual treasure hunt or a series of jokes and pranks. Some tourist attractions and campgrounds also have minigolf courses.
Our suggestions - Minigolf
Laser Jeux Saint-Hyacinthe
The LaserJeux Saint-Hyacinthe entertainment center has been designed to offer you maximum amusement: Laser Tag room, indoor mini-golf, arcade room and ...
Parc-Aventure Joannès
Picture yourself flying from one tree top to another, walking on a high wire, or ziplining above a breathtaking view of lac Joannès! Parc-Aventure Joannès ...
Les Chalets Baie Cascouia - Aventure & Nature
The snowmobile trail is directly from our site on trail 383. The packages available for people who don't want to bring their own food. Whether you're staying ...
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