Nordic Skiing in Quebec
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Nordic skiing, also called ski-mountaineering, is a hybrid sport that is a mixture of off-piste cross-country skiing and downhill skiing. It is characterized by the type of binding used: mobile for the ascent (as with off-piste) and fixed for the descent (as with downhill skiing). The idea behind this sport is to get away from ski lifts and ski resort crowds and enjoy the thrill of downhill skiing on slopes in the middle of nowhere. The activity obviously requires more effort, given that climbs are made using sealskin or sealskin synthetics and that there are fewer (although very much appreciated) descents! Based in the Haute-Gaspésie, Ski Chic-Chocs is a company specialized in adventure/outdoor tourism and their guides are more than happy to share their passion for the Chic-Chocs Massif, one of the best off-piste skiing spots in North America. To discover other ski-mountaineering destinations, you can contact Aventure Écotourisme Québec or the Sépaq network (Réseau Sépaq).
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