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Subregions - Saint-Jérôme
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Resort and exhilarating skiing
As the birthplace of downhill skiing in North America, the Laurentians have a close connection with this special sport, not least because they are the perfect setting for it. It’s no coincidence that there’s so much character to be found in each ski resort ...
Relaxation, Culture, and Gourmet Pleasures
Escape your everyday life to come and relax in the Laurentians. It’s a dream destination to recharge. This relaxing break would be perfectly suited to several magical locations in the Laurentians. A Nordic spa, a cozy inn, a peaceful lake... So many places ...
La MRC de la Rivière-du-Nord
A fascinating area for its history and the great outdoors, the Rivière-du-Nord regional county municipality (RCM), found in the charming Laurentians region, is a territory that is sought out, shining with a thousand facets, calm lakes and immense forests ...