Journey to space
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Old Port of Montréal 

Location: stretching south of Rue de la Commune to the river, between Rue Berri to the east and Pont Mill to the west.
Montréal (city of) (Qc), Canada
H2Y 2E2

Journey to space

Old Port of Montréal
Starting at
per child
(3 to 12 years old)
How do astronauts live and work in space? Discover how they have managed to defy the challenge in Journey to Space. Come explore the most astounding aspects of life in space. Learn about the dangers and difficulties astronauts face and venture into a future where planet Earth may no longer be the only place inhabited by humans. Embark on your very own journey to space during this five-part exhibition.
This outing includes
1 entrance for the temporary exhibition Space Travel

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Valid from 2020-07-14 to 2021-01-10
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