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Au Coeur de la Montérégie 

2365, chemin des Patriotes (Sortie 29 de l'autoroute 10)
Richelieu (Qc), Canada
J3L 6M6

La Route des Champs

Au Coeur de la Montérégie
Cycle, in-line skate or Hike along La Route Des Champs and its 40 kilometres of mostly straight paths; an original way to explore the spectacular natural surroundings of our region. From Chambly to Granby, by way of Richelieu and up to St-Paul-d’Abbotsford, rural life offers visitors a showcase of vineyards, orchards and other points of interest.
This outing includes
The La Route des Champs map indicates which sections are asphalted or not and services offered along the way, such as rest areas with picnic tables, washrooms and water points. Interested in spending several days in the region? Plan a night at a campground, a small hotel or an inn. Several establishments are certified Bienvenue cyclistes (cyclists welcome). Hop on your bicycle, put on your in-line skates or hiking boots, and take to the fields in complete safety. The path is patrolled daily in summer and weekends during the spring and fall. Another great reason to unwind in Cœur de la Montérégie!

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