Lemoyne. Offside
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Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec 

Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
Parc des Champs-de-Bataille
City of Québec (Qc), Canada
G1R 5H3

Lemoyne. Offside

Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec
per pers./taxes extra
(31 to 64 years old)
"Lemoyne. Offside" presents an exceptional portrait of the art of Quebec multidisciplinary artist Serge Lemoyne, as playful as it is striking. With more than a hundred works, the exhibit will highlight the artist's thirst for total freedom expressed through all forms of creativity, and a dissident attitude towards art and traditional venues, as evidenced by his many ephemeral, interactive and sometimes subversive works. His artistic practice is marked by a series of performative events to which he devotes himself, body and soul, aiming to better integrate art into everyday life, in a spirit of opening culture up to the whole community. It is also in this spirit that, for ten years, he focussed on the theme of hockey, as a true fan of the Montreal Canadiens, by using the iconic blue-white-red colours of the team's uniforms.
This outing includes
Access to the museum and to the "Lemoyne. Offside" exhibition.

Additional information
A multidisciplinary artist before his time, instigator of the first happenings, he was also one of the first Quebec artists to lay the foundations of postmodernism through a practice that was more liberating than intellectual. Like the New York artists whose work he admired, he adopted a neo-dadaist posture very early on, ventured into the pop world, and became interested in participatory art and collective creation.
Valid from 2021-10-28 to 2022-01-09
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