Marcel Barbeau. In movement
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Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec 

Parc des Champs-de-Bataille
City of Québec (Qc), Canada
G1R 5H3

Marcel Barbeau. In movement

Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec
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A notable figure in contemporary Canadian art, Marcel Barbeau produced an impressive body of more than 4,000 works spanning seven decades. Intersecting several significant periods in the history of recent art, his output provides an overview as singular as it is insightful. This major exhibition, the most ambitious ever dedicated to the artist, encompasses his entire career, from the late 1940s to his last work (2013).
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Photo credit: Marcel Barbeau, Rétine optimiste ou Salute, 1964. Acrylique sur toile, 242 × 203,5 cm. Collection du Musée national des beaux arts du Québec (1969.209), achat. Restauration effectuée par le Centre de conservation du Québec © Succession Marcel Barbeau Photo : MNBAQ, Jean-Guy Kérouac
Valid from 2018-10-11 to 2019-01-06
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