The Robert-Bourassa Generating Facility Is Huge!
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Robert-Bourassa Generating Facilities 

Site access: Route de la Baie-James, completely paved via Matagami, about 1.450 km from Montréal. Route du nord: via Chibougameau, about 1.350 km from Québec City. By air: airlines servicing the region.
Radisson (Qc), Canada
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The Robert-Bourassa Generating Facility Is Huge!

Robert-Bourassa Generating Facilities
Head for Baie-James and tour the Robert-Bourassa Generating Facility. You’ll come upon 7,722 megawatts of power! Seize your chance to tour the largest energy production site in North America. It’s impossible not to be astonished before this cathedral sculpted into the rock. Once at the top of this 53-floor structure, you’ll have an impressive view of the mighty Nordic landscapes. Visit this site where everything is gigantic; you’re sure to love it!
This outing includes
A guided tour of the Robert-Bourassa Generating Facility. Approximate length of the visit: 3.5 hours.

Additional information
Open year-round.
From June 18 to August 31, 2019: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 p.m. (reservations required 48 hours in advance / english tours by appointment).
From September to mid-June: Tours in French Monday at 1 p.m., Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 a.m. (reservations required 48 hours in advance / english tours by appointment).
Visitors aged 18 years and over must present official photo ID (medicare card, driver’s licence or passport) to tour a facility.
For safety reasons, tours are not recommended for children younger than two.
Flat, closed shoes are recommended.
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