Charlevoix - A Magnetic Attraction
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Charlevoix - A Magnetic Attraction 

Open year round
495, boulevard de Comporté
La Malbaie (Qc), Canada
G5A 3G3
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Mountain Sector
Charlevoix’s Mountain Sector weaves its way on a fertile territory where gourmet delights meet with adventure. Saint-Urbain, Saint-Hilarion, Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs and Notre-Dame-des-Monts…are lovely backcountry villages worth discovering. Surrounded by ...
La Malbaie sector
With more than two centuries of history, La Malbaie is considered as the cradle of vacationing in Canada. Wandering on the rue du Quai in Pointe-au-Pic, or slowly climbing the chemin des Falaises, lets the visitor discover the bucolic charm of marine ...
Charlevoix's Bed and Breakfasts
There is nothing like Charlevoix’s beds and breakfasts to absorb the culture. Here, hospitality rhymes with authenticity. The beds and breakfasts’ proud owners have mastered the art of entertaining guests and have transformed a simple home into a cozy ...
Charlevoix's Outfitters
Staying at a Charlevoix outfitter provides a complete change of scenery, so amazing is the forest and the hosts welcoming. As a family or between friends, in any season, Charlevoix outfitters are ideal locations near the urban centers. Charlevoix does ...
Crater and Tides Sector
The village of Les Éboulements, focal point of the Charlevoix crater, presents an impressive relief shaped by a powerful meteorite impact, more than 400 million years ago. Saint-Joseph-de-la-River, nearby, stretches along the river and shines thanks to ...
Saint-Siméon sector
Shaped by its maritime and forest history Saint-Siméon offers three poles of discovery : the village of Saint-Siméon, Baie-des-Rochers and Port-au-Persil. Comfortably resting on the hillside, this nature village unfurls flawless landscapes, wedged between ...
Baie-Saint-Paul sector
Surrounded by towering mountains, this constantly bustling bay is known for its countless art galleries and cultural dynamism. Whether strolling on rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste with its postcard like style or walking through the fields in search of regional ...
Petite-Rivière-Saint-François sector
The village of Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, one of the gateways to the region, is a narrow strip of land stretching at the foot of awesome massifs. At the end of a scenic descent, discover the heart of the village hugging the contours of the river on ...