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Hérôle - Une aventure de 60 minutes!
Hérôle Makes You a Hero… this unassuming statement actually contains an infinite number of universes of which Hérôle holds the key. Trust our team of specialists to create the experience that will transform you into a secret agent, a queen, a rock star ...
Laser Plus Trois-Rivières
LASER PLUS is a company based in Trois-Rivières that specializes in providing entertainment for all ages. Founded 20 years ago, Laser Plus now offers 16,700 square feet of fun in Trois-Rivières, combining 3 laser tag mazes, 1 black light mini-golf adventure ...
Adrénaline Urbaine
Unique in Canada, the brand new Adrénaline Urbaine sports centre officially opens its doors this summer 2022! Action sports fans, head over to this centre on the edge of Highway 55 in Trois-Rivières and learn the basics of skateboarding or even get used ...
Mon Enigma jeux d'évasion
An escape room at Mon Enigma is more than just locks and riddles. Each of the scenarios is hosted by a presenter that interacts with you and adapts to your choices. Are you going to go through the door or the window? Will you set off the alarm system ...