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Directory of attractions - Bécancour
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Musée de la Biodiversité du Québec
Interested in learning more about biodiversity? Take a dive into the waters of the river in Journey to the Bottom of the St. Lawrence. Take the Explo-Discovery tour, which looks at two themes: prehistorical times of cavemen, mammoths and dinosaurs, and ...
L’Écho des origines
Echoes of origins is an interactive forest trail presented by the Centre de la Biodiversité du Québec. It addresses environmental issues using a fun, educational and artistic approach. Bringing together several multimedia works, the objective of this ...
Fromagerie L’Ancêtre
The story of Fromagerie L'Ancêtre began in Center-du-Québec in 1986 when ten dairy producers decided to unite to promote only organic milk, that is to say produce without GMOs or pesticides, with cows. grass-fed mostly going to pasture as soon as the ...
Moulin Michel de Gentilly
Le Moulin Michel is a magnificent site where history, the beauty of the landscape and tranquillity are abundant. Located in the Gentilly area in the City of Bécancour, Le Moulin Michel is the perfect place to learn about buckwheat, the history of flour ...
Verger Belpom
Verger Belpom is an orchard located in an enchanting site of Sainte-Gertrude. It is bordered by a pine plantation and stands in front of the Bécancour River. The Belpom orchard was born in April 1998 when the planting of 1,500 apple trees was carried ...
Restaurant de l'Auberge Godefroy
Located halfway bewteen Montreal and Québec City, a few minutes from Trois-Rivières, the Auberge Godefroy dining room proposes first-class culinary discoveries. The executive chef and his specialised crew prepare, with extreme care, well-balanced and ...
La Maison de Bibi
Open year round since 2007, the Maison de Bibi is an artisanal soap factory that offers products made from natural ingredients, for sale on site or online, and a resto-and-store that offers gourmet lunches, healthy dinners and local products for take ...
Société acadienne Port-Royal
Discover the rich Acadian heritage and the history of Bécancour, a unique city in Québec, through its acadian origins. Three heritage buildings house an exhibition on the legacy of regional builders including The incredible history of the Acadians, the ...
Érablière Deshaies
8325, chemin des Hêtres, Secteur Sainte-Gertrude
Bécancour, Qc, Canada
G9H 3L3
Ferme Bleubec
8555, Avenue des Mélèzes, Secteur St-Gertrude
Bécancour, Qc, Canada
G9H 3P8