Spa Eastman, a destination in and of itself

Spa Eastman, a destination in and of itself

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Spa Eastman, a destination in and of itself
Spa Eastman, a destination in and of itself

Spa Eastman is a destination in Quebec where you can treat yourself to an all-inclusive getaway. Everything is designed to promote a lasting zen state. It is the ideal place for a return to basics when you need to disconnect and enjoy a stay close to home.

Much more than thermotherapy facilities

Named the best spa in Canada, Spa Eastman has been setting itself apart with its unique offer for more than 40 years. The concept is a full immersion into wellness to boost global health. To favour revitalization, the spa provides lodging, the restaurant serving Cuisine ToniqueMC, high-quality innovative heat therapy facilities, a wide range of personalized treatments, a weekly calendar of 7 activities per day and even special retreats and workshops during the year. The goal is to assist guests on their quest for personal fulfillment.

An avant-garde restaurant

Spa Eastman has developed Cuisine ToniqueMC, a cuisine that is the foundation of the establishment, inspired by the saying “A sound mind in a sound body". At this restaurant, no one has to worry about whether their meal is good for their health since everything has been designed to suit even the strictest diets. The restaurant is open 7 days a week, with or without a package deal.

The fruits of this culinary art are also available to go! Whether you want a meal for a romantic dinner, a healthy lunch, a snack or some wine, you’ll find many options online. Just order on the microsite and choose if you want to have your food delivered or you would like to pick it up directly at the Spa.

Spa Eastman
Cuisine ToniqueMC at Spa Eastman

A one-of-a-kind program of activities

The expertise of Spa Eastman is well-established and recognized by its clients thanks to a variety of activities and hosts and speakers who come from all around Canada to share their knowledge at this peaceful haven. This fall, connect in a different way by signing up for a retreat or workshop: revitalizing juice cure, C’tonique art of living, Cuisine ToniqueMC workshop and many more!

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