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Zec de Kipawa
In the heart of Témiscamingue, the Zec Kipawa has existed for over twenty years and its vast territory of 2500 square kilometers is the largest controlled zone of Quebec. You also find more than 750 lakes and rivers as well as extended still wild where ...
Zec Lesueur
Zec Lesueur is located in the Hautes-Laurentides region, a quintessential destination for outdoor activities. It is located about 75 kilometres from Mont-Laurier, which represents about a one-hour drive. From Montreal, it represents about a four-hour ...
Zec Kiskissink
Zec Kiskissink is located in the area of Shawinigan. The word Kiskissink is of Algonquin and Innu origin and means "at the small cedar tree". Lake Kiskissink has long been incorrectly referred to as "Cedar lake". Zec Kiskissink was founded in 1978 following ...