Reconnect with your inner child at Uplå, Arbraska’s newest park!

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Uplå Arbraska
Reconnect with your inner child at Uplå, Arbraska’s newest park!

This season, how about switching off your screens and getting back to nature? Open since June 4 Uplå is the latest creation from Arbraska, located at the foot of Mont Saint-Grégoire, where new suspended installations are a first and one-of-a-kind in North America! Between the sky and the earth, leap from one adventure to the next in a universe composed of trampolines, nets and a village of treehouses, in a safe, fun and eco-friendly way. Ready to leap up to the clouds?

An incredible experience for kids, teens and parents!

Uplå is a huge realm of colourful nets, accessible to all ages, where it’s easy to let loose and experience a feeling of weightlessness. You'll find that from the air, nature looks totally different. Bounce on the largest linked-together trampolines in North America, (one of them is even stretched out over two stories!) - and slide between the tiers of nets. Plus, no special skills are needed and it’s the perfect activity for a family day out or special event.

The village in the trees: a world to discover

Embrace your inner child and have fun in the wonderful village of treehouses. Let your imagination run wild as you travel through a maze of suspension bridges that connects a network of colourful cabins. No matter your age, you'll have a great time exploring these pretty little houses and going down the slides!

Good to know!

Open all year round, Uplå offers great adventures and thrills in any season. Relaxation areas are set up for you to rest and picnic tables are available for you to enjoy a snack or a tasty meal prepared by Érablière Charbonneau, located a few steps from Uplå. Allow about two hours for the Uplå activity and don't forget to book your time slot!

Le village dans les arbres : un monde de découvertes
The village in the trees: a world to discover

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