Three new things to discover as a family this summer at Bourg de Pabos

Attractions to discover, June 10, 2024 2024-06-10

Located on the Gaspésie coast, at the mouths of two rivers, Parc du Bourg de Pabos is loaded with 250 years of history closely tied to the fishing industry. This park offers a variety of original activities.

Guide and 3 visitors around a cannon at Bourg de Pabos.
Photo credit: Bourg de Pabos

Fantöm: The Hunt

Have you always dreamed of being a ghost hunter? Get ready for a totally new experience: Fantöm: The Hunt. Thermal binoculars in hand, you’ll comb the forest in search of lost souls haunting the Bourg de Pabos archeological site. This immersive activity plays out as a competition in small groups and the goal is to earn a higher number of points than your partner. Each meeting with a ghost brings stories and fascinating anecdotes, making this ghost-hunting mission a fun way to explore the past and live through history.

Escape Games

An escape room activity is truly the best way to live a day in the life of the seigniory’s French fishermen under threat of a war with the English. The moment you begin your fishing day, on a beautiful morning in 1758, you receive word that English ships have been spotted offshore. They will not hesitate to attack! Your mission: find the lost family treasure and hide away on higher ground. But you’d better hurry, because you only have 60 minutes! Can you solve the puzzles and find the treasure in time?

GIant interpretive pannels at Bourg de Pabos
Photo credit: Bourg de Pabos

Rent an archeological discovery tent

Extend your stay at Bourg de Pabos and go glamping. Book an overnight stay in one of two new archeological discovery tents! Fully equipped, these tents completely immerse you in a world of archeological discoveries sure to unleash your inner Indiana Jones. Each detail has been designed to seamlessly incorporate Mi'gmaq and French artefacts. The first displays remnants of French crockery, while the second presents Indigenous objects and tools, such as arrowheads, spears and a dice game. It’s sure to be an unforgettable experience that will bring together comfort and discovery surrounded by nature in the Gaspésie region!

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