Enjoy a getaway at Hotel & Spa Mont-Gabriel

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Enjoy a getaway at Hotel & Spa Mont-Gabriel
Enjoy a getaway at Hotel & Spa Mont-Gabriel

Sleep at the top of Mont-Gabriel in the Laurentians! A favourite destination of skiers that is also loved by summer sports enthusiasts, Hotel & Spa Mont-Gabriel has 136 units that are the perfect place for a family vacation, get-together with friends, solo trip or romantic getaway. Who can resist the splendour of a vacation in the mountains and fresh air!

An incredible view and relaxing setting

The Relaxia spa is perched on top of Mont Gabriel to offer clients an extraordinary view during their treatments. The spa is a soothing, welcoming space where you can get a massage and a pedicure. To find out about all the treatments and specifics of this oasis of relaxation, which includes ten private rooms, visit the Hotel & Spa Mont-Gabriel website.

A local dining experience

Not one, but two restaurants are found at Hotel & Spa Mont-Gabriel. One of them features a huge dining room that is both chic and cozy: the Gabriel restaurant. The other, the Bar St-Moritz, is a place where a vibrant atmosphere reigns during happy hour. It features Quebec beers and ciders, among other options. In both cases, the dishes are fresh and the service is excellent. And the exciting menu is sure to tempt your taste buds!

Hôtel & Spa Mont-Gabriel
Hotel & Spa Mont-Gabriel

A vacation full of fun things to do

Jump in the pool, play golf, volleyball and tennis, and give beach tennis – a sport accessible to all – a try! Hotel & Spa Mont Gabriel is the first hotel in Canada to offer this game played with both feet in the sand. And that's not all! All these activities that get you moving while enjoying the fresh air and the view of the mountains are located directly on the site.

What will you choose to do when you get to the hotel?

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