4 great facets to discover in the city of Lévis

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Whether you're dreaming of a weekend for two, a getaway with friends or a family day out, Lévis is a welcoming city that's sure to meet your expectations. Located in the Chaudière-Appalaches region, this charming city is bordered by 40 km of magnificent waterfront, and many places to access the river. It also boasts the finest panoramic view of Quebec City!

Biking in Lévis
Biking in Lévis

A city all about cycling!

With 323 km of cycling trails offering splendid panoramic views, Lévis is a paradise for cyclists of all levels. Many of these trails also connect you to the cycling network of neighbouring regions. Whether you're cycling with the kids, your loved one or your friends, take advantage of the countless itineraries offered to you to explore this region across from Québec City and pedal along the majestic river, through green spaces or on a country road!

Generous and accessible nature

In Lévis, the outdoors are a major attraction, with natural sites and urban parks to enjoy to the fullest. Whether you're hiking, fatbiking or mountain biking, the river is there at every turn. You’ll also want to discover the Chutes-de-la-Chaudière park, the Rivière-Etchemin park or the Grande plée Bleue, home to a magnificent protected peat bog with an astonishing diversity of flora and fauna.

A fascinating cultural side

There's no shortage of arts and culture to discover in Lévis, and this beautiful city has a lot to tell you about its rich past, with its heritage sites located in enchanting surroundings. Learn about the shipbuilding industry at the A.C. Davie Shipyard National Historic Site of Canada, the built heritage of the Parcours Village Saint-Nicolas, the history of the Desjardins cooperative movement in Vieux-Lévis and the British fortifications at the Lévis Forts National Historic Site!

Bon appétit in Lévis!

Your taste buds will be in for a treat, as food and drink take centre stage, whether you’re looking for fine dining, street food or homegrown products. Find delicious discoveries at local producers, markets, vineyards, farms and other businesses offering morsels that will add flavour to your stay.

Museum à Lévis
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