Discover what to do this winter in the Coaticook Valley

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Winter in the Coaticook Valley ©Vallée de la Coaticook

Let yourself be enchanted by winter and discover what the Coaticook Valley has to reveal under its white coat! Spend your energy at the Parc Découverte Nature and the Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook and then recharge your batteries by discovering local products and unique spirits, microbrews and cider!

Snow scooters at Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook
Snow scooters

Acoatica and ice fishing at Parc Découverte Nature

Acoatica is a game where the goal is to ensure the survival of endangered fish species in Quebec. Through interactive and immersive challenges, players score points that help toward the survival of the fish linked to their profile thanks to a connected bracelet. The Acoatica game also comes with the opportunity to experience ice fishing (equipment provided).

Top 3 activities to do at Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook

#1 Winter walking. Go out into the wilderness, no snowshoes or crampons needed, and admire nature on two winter trails. The trails are 6.5 km long and perfect for all levels. Bring your dog along for a wonderful outdoor experience! Enhance your outing by renting a snow scooter; whether you sit or stand, the fun is guaranteed! Visitors can also enjoy an outdoor escape game: the Legend of the Liéri. A mystery station is included to exercise every muscle in your body!

#2 Snowshoeing. The enchanting site includes 21 km of trails to explore. Rentals are available on site.

#3 Fatbike. Go biking on 17 km of trails. You just might cross paths with a deer or two!

Load up on flavours!

After expending your energy at the Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook, reward your taste buds and refuel with delicious local products! Award-winning cheeses, veggie pâté, farmed rainbow trout, sheep's milk yogurt, apple products and more! There are also unique alcoholic products that are developed, created and brewed in the Coaticook Valley: Domaine Ives Hill produces blackcurrant cream liqueur, syrup, spirit and wine; Microbrasserie Hop Station and Microbrasserie Coaticook are masters is the art of transforming hops into a delicacy; and Cidrerie Compton and Verger et Cidrerie Ferland make sparkling apple cider! You’ll find these products and many more at different points of sale as you drive along beautiful snowy country roads. The Coaticook Valley is sure to seduce you with its beauty... and its delicacies!

La Vallée de la Coaticook
Savour the Coaticook Valley on a winter picnic!

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