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The Chemins d’eau road trip in the Outaouais

Rediscover the fun of road tripping as you follow the rivers and waterways. A great road trip itinerary is the Chemins d’eau tourist route in the Outaouais region. This route travels across the region from east to west and is lined with more than 90 attractions, gourmet restaurants and cozy places to stay overnight.

Partez à l’aventure sur les Chemins d’eau de l’Outaouais
Head out on an adventure on the roads of Outaouais

Follow the river to the end

The Chemins d’eau route promises lots of activities for all ages. Your journey starts on Route 148, which leads to the Pontiac sector through the Petite Nation sector and the city of Gatineau. Let the Ottawa River guide you along to wonderful scenery. Halfway through your drive, turn northbound and follow the Gatineau River to the Collines-de-l’Outaouais sector, known for picturesque villages. Keep your eyes peeled for the roadside markers to learn more about the historic and cultural sites along the route.

Plan your trip by choosing a circuit!

No matter how long you want your road trip to be, you can pick one of the themed circuits that suggest outdoor activities, visits to the museums and delicious restaurants for a bite to eat. The Papineau (Petite Nation) – On the trail of the seigneurs circuit starts just one hour from Montréal and suggests a visit to the Parc national de Plaisance, a sanctuary for thousands of birds, and a visit to the Chutes de Plaisance natural and historic site. Take a break in Montebello before then heading out to Omega Park to learn more about local wildlife.

Discover the must-sees

Your trip wouldn’t be complete without stopping by one of the 19 must-sees that are accessible from the Chemins d’eau route. Adventure-seekers will love the activities at the Chutes Coulonges Park in the Pontiac municipality. Families will share fun times on a paddleboat at the Eco-Odyssée water maze in Wakefield, located 30 minutes from Gatineau. Another idea – especially during a heat wave – is to spend a day at the supervised beach at Leamy Lake Park, a large urban park where you’ll also find a playground and trails that lead to important archeological sites.

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Les Chemins d'eau
The Chemins d'eau route in the Outaouais

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