Maple syrup, hiking and cozy stays: the perfect recipe for a spring getaway in Portneuf

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Group of women and kids at the sugar shack in Portneuf. © La Sucrière / JPG.MOV

In the Portneuf region, spring is a season of enchantment, pure and simple! When tree buds start to appear and the air is filled with the promise of sweetness, foodies are seduced by the many delights of the sweet season. But that's not all Portneuf has to offer. The region is brimming with accessible trails, breathtaking sights to see and comfortable accommodations, offering families in search of discovery and adventure all the ingredients they need to cook up the perfect getaway.

The Marcoux mill in Portneuf at the end of winter.
Portneuf is the ideal destination for a trip to the sugar shack or for a hike this spring

Maple syrup season, a feast for your taste buds

As soon as the first signs of spring appear, Portneuf goes into sugar shack mode. To celebrate this sweet nectar in a festive and gourmet style, sugar shacks offer a whirlwind of flavours from yesteryear for a decadent brunch or convivial evening meal. On-site, the quality of the experience is assured by friendly hosts and a variety of activities for all ages, including carriage rides and slides for kids. In some cases, you can even stay overnight at the maple grove for a complete immersion in this purest of Quebec traditions. And let's not forget the craftspeople and microbreweries who embody the region's boundless creativity and offer mouthwatering products made with the precious syrup. You’ll love making these sweet discoveries!

Go hiking for great views

Once your belly is full, it's time to conquer the trails that run through criss-cross Portneuf. Here, nature promises both leisurely strolls and more strenuous challenges. Either way, these unbeatable hikes will reveal breathtaking landscapes featuring steep gorges, winding waterways and unique ecosystems. Some of trails in Portneuf are designed for people with reduced mobility, making them accessible to as many people as possible. So, whether you're looking to get out in nature with the extended family or to take on a hiking challenge with other enthusiasts, Portneuf promises some great outdoor fun.

Enjoy a restful cottage stay

After a busy day exploring Portneuf, retreat to a cottage with rustic charm, where modern comforts blend harmoniously with the surrounding scenery. Curl up by the fire, enjoy a meal you’ve prepared in the fully equipped kitchen, and let nature's gentle awakening lull you to sleep. These cozy little nests become the perfect setting for precious family moments. And with these ideas on where to stay, finding the cottage of your dreams couldn't be easier!

2 kids resting in a cottage at the end of winter in a resort in the Portneuf region.
Photo credit: Valérie Di Maurizio

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