Déserteur - Escape room - Passport 1
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Déserteur - Escape room - Passport 1

Déserteur - Le jeu d'évasion

Évadez-Vous Escape Game

Évasion Lanaudière

Secteur 81

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This attraction passport includes
Déserteur: Experience a larger-than-life escape room game.

Évadez-Vous: The task is simple: get out in 60 minutes or the mission will have failed.

Évasion Lanaudière: You are part of a group of archeologists on an expedition, lost in the middle of the jungle, hoping to discover an ancient temple. Accoridng to legend, it contains a priceless cursed treasure...

Secteur 81: As an undercover agent, you will have to complete a fact-finding mission inspired by a real Canadian crime. Will you be able to complete your mission before it is too late?

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