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Discover a fresh take on Quebec’s religious heritage
Explore some of Quebec’s converted religious buildings and learn more about how they have found innovative ways to reinvent themselves.
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2023-03-27
Discover inspiring religious figures who have shaped Quebec’s history
The Quebec Religious and Spiritual Tourism Association invites you to get acquainted with them at religious sites.
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2023-03-20
Fill up on nature and serenity by exploring Quebec’s religious sites
Quebec offers a host of possibilities to commune with nature, whether you want to plan a trip, a pilgrimage or a short hike.
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2023-03-20
An open-house event to celebrate Quebec's religious heritage
On September 9, 10 and 11 and, take the opportunity to learn more about Quebec's religious heritage
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2022-08-22
Recharge your batteries on a trip with Spiritours
Spiritours specializes in the organization of spiritual vacations and pilgrimages and is committed to sustainable tourism.
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2022-07-18
Enjoy a peaceful moment in magnificent gardens at religious sites in Quebec
The Quebec Religious and Spiritual Tourism Association suggests six exceptional gardens to visit!
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2021-08-02
Say “bonjour” to all forms of culture in Quebec!
Quebec's culture is told to us in a thousand and one ways, in museums, at historic sites, in churches and at Indigenous sites.
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2021-05-31
Discover Quebec’s treasures of sacred art
Suggestions from the Quebec Religious and Spiritual Tourism Association that art lovers are sure to appreciate.
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2021-03-22
Discovering sacred music thanks to Quebec’s religious sites
Suggestions from the Quebec Religious and Spiritual Tourism Association for an extraordinary musical experience.
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2021-03-15
Quebec’s heritage on display at religious sites
Learn more about the province's religious past at these museums suggested by the Quebec Religious and Spiritual Tourism Association.
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2021-03-08