Montérégie: just perfect for a getaway
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Vineyard in Montérégie ©Tourisme Montérégie

This summer, head for the Montérégie region, a huge playground that invites you to make new discoveries, go on nature outings and taste local foods. Ideal for a romantic getaway, family vacation or solo trip, the region offers you many opportunities to leave your cares behind, not too far from city life. Whether you dream of an unforgettable meet-up with fascinating animals, an unusual expedition on the Richelieu River or delicious ciders sampled in good company, the Montérégie region is sure to surprise you!

Parc Safari
Parc Safari

Parc Safari: a zoo to discover again or for the first time!

Parc Safari has always been a hit with families. Its main attraction is a 5-km driving safari featuring animals from three continents. Visitors can also enjoy exploring eight themed sections, including the felines' tunnel where lions can be observed at close range, and head to the water park on hot days. There is so much to do that you'll no doubt be tempted to stay on site! Enter the "Coolbox" mini-home: a great way to make the most of your visit by staying a little longer. Other features include presentations of birds of prey, nighttime visits and even the chance to have breakfast with the lions!

An eco-friendly way to explore the Richelieu River 

Between Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Noyan, Alo Richelieu offers a circuit that will allow you to discover the region in an unusual, safe, innovative and responsible way. Become a captain for a day by renting your own electric boat or go for kayaking, paddleboarding or electric surfing. Fishing trips, picnics on Île-aux-Noix and scuba diving to discover old ship wrecks are other activities to choose from. And if you're looking for something else that's original, try the floating hotel and let the river rock you to sleep!

A place that fans of apples will just love!

Rougemont is an agritourism hub with a wide variety of attractions, including the renowned Cidrerie Michel Jodoin cider house. Discover an impressive variety of ciders and numerous rosé beverages that will impart a refreshing note to your summer, as well as a famous apple brandy and delicious mistelles. On site you'll find a charming shop with a bright and modern atmosphere that is well worth a visit, as well as 3.6 km of mountain trails leading to a lookout point from which you can admire the orchards.

crédit photo : Christian Gonzalez
Photo credit: Christian Gonzalez

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