Kitesurfing in Quebec
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The last few years have seen the advent of kitesurfing or kiteboarding and several other wind-powered sports! Discover these unconventional activities that are gaining an increasing number of fans in Quebec. Wind-powered sports are a great way to use the wind to travel through striking landscapes. Kitesurfing is an accessible recreational sports activity, as it is easy to learn how to use the equipment. The surface area of the kite needs to be adapted to your weight, your style and the force of the wind. Once you're in control of this ecological “engine,” you simply need to choose your vehicle to advance to the next level… and there are so many to choose from. On the water, there’s the kitesurf (surfboard or wakeboard) or the kite kayak; on solid ground, there’s the kite buggy (a small three-wheeled vehicle which transports the kite flyer over grassy or sandy surfaces); in the winter, there are kite skis. Across Quebec, several kitesurfing schools have opened in the last few years.
Our suggestions - Kitesurfing
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Baie de Beauport
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Site historique maritime de la Pointe-au-Père
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