Equestrian Centres in Quebec
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Equestrian Centres in Quebec
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Les montagnards de Charlevoix
Located in the charming town of Baie-Saint-Paul, the Montagnards de Charlevoix offer you the most authentic equestrian activities in the region! During guided horseback riding excursions in the summer, you will have the pleasure to explore La Vallée du ...
L'écurie le Baluchon
Located on the enchanting natural site of Le Baluchon Éco-Villégiature, L'écurie le Baluchon is one of the key places to experience Le Baluchon. Managed by a dedicated and experienced team, the stable offers the possibility of discovering or rediscovering ...
Ranch Massif du Sud
Your horseback riding adventure takes place in the Chaudière-Appalaches region, 1 hour from Québec City. Clean air, pure water and beautiful scenery await you. Join the Ranch Massif du Sud' s cowboys and gold diggers. Short-term and long-term horseback ...
Ranch Robert
Only minutes from Montreal, come and relax for an hour or two horseback ride! Their trails vary, winding through woods, fields of wildflowers and even across a little lake.
Les Écuries entre Monts et Marées
Located in Saint Irénée, the Les Écuries Entre Monts equestrian center offers horseback riding in the picturesque Charlevoix region.
Élevage de Lessard
A great chance to discover miniature horses! You will have the opportunity to interact with several miniature horses in a safe environment with the Mini Experience! You will also get to see Bouc Bouc the goat and the Canadian horse farm! Duration: 60 ...
Poney des neiges
A harnessed pony that you will have the pleasure of driving yourself for those who wish to drive or simply be a passenger for the pleasure of being guided. The activity lasts 1:30, training, hugging and ride. The trails in the maple grove are beautiful ...
Ranch Winslow
In 2020, the Ranch has celebrated its 20th anniversary of service! Certified Iso-Family, the riding centre offers guided rides in a safe environment with horses adapted to beginner to intermediate clients. From 30 minutes to 6 hours a day, you can enjoy ...
Centre Équestre Aurélie Piché
The Centre Équestre Aurélie Piché strives to offer its services in a safe and professional manner. It also offers a friendly atmosphere, providing both clients and horses with a pleasant and safe environment. The centre also has a mission to educate its ...
Écurie aux 2 Tilleuls
Écurie aux 2 Tilleuls will suggest you a rustic experience. Only 30 minutes from Montreal in Terrebonne (Lanudière), you will experience an unforgettable sleigh ride pulled by one of the magnificent horses, Prince, Blue or Charlotte, through yearly groomed ...