Orchards or Cider Mills - Rougemont
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Orchards or Cider Mills - Rougemont
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La Pommeraie d’Or
La Pommeraie d´Or… an exceptional site to fall in love with. You can pick your own food there. A large selection of berries and delicious processed products are also available on the farm. Take advantage of your family outing to come and have fun in the ...
Verger Les Jardins d’Émilie
Enjoy the fall season at Verger Les Jardins d’Émilie! The orchard has been offering apple-picking and family activities since 1980. You will find a thousand and one treasures at their shop: apple pies and breads, natural apple juice, apple jelly and butter ...
Verger Trois Pommes
The Verger Trois Pomme is open for fruit-picking activities from the beginning of August to late October. You can also find a wide selection of products cooked on site at the shop. In addition to the popular jellies, jams and butters, you can pick up ...
Cidrerie Michel Jodoin
Visit a family-run cider house that’s been transforming apples into cider since 1901—a true treat for the senses. See, hear and smell every aspect of this traditional process and learn about the different manufacturing methods. Taste the products for ...
Domaine Cartier-Potelle
Located in an enchanting site on the south side of Mount Rougemont, Domaine Cartier-Potelle is a ciderhouse and vineyard that develops high quality products such as ice apple cider. The mission of Domaine Cartier-Potelle owners is to invite you to experience ...
Jardins d'Émilie (Les)
Domaine Leduc-Piedimonte
Verger Réjean Alix
175, rang de la Montagne
Rougemont, Qc, Canada
J0L 1M0
Verger du flâneur