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Outdoor/Recreational Tourism Centres - Trois-Rivières
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Maïkan Aventure
Located on the banks of the St-Maurice River in Trois-Rivières, they offer training to beginners and experts alike in sea and river kayaking, rock and ice climbing, and in high-mountain climbing techniques. Exciting travel excursions of various lengths ...
Ex Situ Expérience
Outdoor and adventure programming for special populations! Ex Situ Experience is a non-profit organization providing outdoor and adventure programming for special populations, such as at-risk youth. Their facilitators and professional guides provide very ...
Plein Air Ville-Joie
Four seasons of outdoor activities on the shores of magnificent Lake Saint-Pierre, a World Biosphere Reserve. Nature in all its splendor, the charm of wide open spaces, all this on the Chemin du Roy, only 14 km west of Trois-Rivières. A multitude of activities ...