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Old Port of Montréal
The Old Port of Montréal is the place to be this winter! The Old Port Skating Rink is your ultimate winter wonderland with programming for all ages going on until March 10. Enjoy a spin on the ice and pair it up with a sky-high ride on the Montreal Grande ...
Olympic Park
Built for the 1976 Games, the Montréal Olympic Stadium offers a variety of activities: The Montréal Tower is the highest inclined tower in the world. The view of the city from the Observatory is simply breathtaking; The Stadium hosts numerous sports, ...
Located in downtown Montreal, the Quartier des spectacles is the city’s cultural heart. Within its boundaries, you will find the highest concentration and the greatest diversity of cultural venues in North America. All year round, day or night, Montrealers ...
Les Îlots d’été - Aire Commune
The Îlots d’été network, powered by Aire commune, is a network of outdoor workspaces accessible free of charge. The network includes 40 spaces on the territory of Montreal, with Wifi and electricity. The facilities are specially designed to allow outdoor ...