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Theme Parks - Pabos Mills
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Nova Lumina - Un parcours nocturne en bord de mer
Under the starry sky of Chandler, at the mouth of the Grand Pabos rivers, discover a nocturnal journey inspired by the meeting between the Earth and the sky. Perfect for nighttime explorations, this 1.5-kilometre coastal path is a fantastic complement ...
Bourg de Pabos - L'expérience des origines
The Bourg de Pabos park offers multiple attractions to please everyone. Through a permanent open-air exhibition, you can explore an archaeological and historical site that retraces the daily life of those who lived in the Grand Pabos seigneury in the ...
Ura - La célébration de l'eau
In Chandler, on the shores of Bourg de Pabos, Basque goddess Lamia invites you to discover an incredible water path. This mysterious woman will hand you the keys to this path's eight fascinating stations. Throughout this immersive adventure, you'll be ...