Fort Ingall: A fascinating encounter with history
Attractions to discover, June 27, 2022 2022-06-27
Fort Ingall
Fort Ingall, photo credit: Oxygène design

Next time you’re in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, head over to Fort Ingall and learn about the military history of Témiscouata. The only one of its kind in Quebec, Fort Ingall is an authentic reconstruction of the British fortress built on this site in 1839 during a border conflict between Canada and the United States: the Aroostook War. Celebrating 50 years since its reconstruction in 2022, Fort Ingall offers captivating exhibits, guided tours, historical activities, military demonstrations as well as an incredible overnight experience in the soldiers’ barracks!

Participate in extraordinary military activities

Plein feu sur l’Histoire is back again this year at Fort Ingall! Visitors 18 and over will be invited to shoot two rounds of Brown Bess with the soldiers, who will first explain the safety rules in a 30-minute training session. Afterwards, put on a redcoat and smell the gunpowder up close!

Did you know that Fort Ingall now has a cannon on site? In celebration of this latest addition, the Fort Ingall soldiers will follow the British tradition of firing a Noon Gun every day at 1:00 p.m. Those 18 and over who are feeling particularly adventurous can also take part in this unique activity for $30 and fire the cannon with the soldiers.

Treat yourself to an historic getaway

Once again, visitors will have the chance to spend the night in the soldiers’ barracks this summer at Fort Ingall! Whether you’re sleeping on a mattress or a straw bed, it’s sure to be an incredible experience. You can chat under the stars or sing with your family while sitting around the fire ring in the heart of this historic site!

Fort Ingall
Fort Ingall, photo credit: Oxygène design

Discover two must-see sister exhibits

See Preparing for War, Fort Ingall’s first permanent exhibit created in 2012. This exhibit explores, among other things, the history of the border war and displays numerous artifacts discovered during archaeological digs, bearing witness to the daily lives of those who once occupied the site. Visitors can also discover Ready for War, an exhibit that focuses on, among other things, the defences put in place to protect the fort, the regiments that lived there, and the possible plans of attack by enemies, all the while addressing this crucial question: What would happen in the event of an attack?

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