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Family histories, true histories, living histories; you don’t take culture lightly, you absorb it. You are a sponge for culture, truly a historical suitcase making its way through time. Heritage speaks to you with its monuments, churches and objects. It has colour and flavour. You reach your hand out to the arts for a dance; you dust off mores to get down to their essence. You say yes to tours of museums, art galleries, interpretation circuits and anything that stimulates your intellect by its shape, movement or aim. You can be found burrowing about historic sites, applauding a cultural event or asking about an artisan’s work. Source for knowledge and meaning, history and culture, like your life, come together just as well in the past, present and future. Your intellect is what helps brings history to life.
Our suggested things to do:
The Garden of Glaciers
Welcome to Seashell Valley, a unique, 10,000-year-old geological feature in the heart of the Manicouagan-Uapishka Biosphere Reserve. Discover this beautiful ...
Plains of Abraham
Take an interactive, guided tour and learn about the daily lives of settlers newly arrived in Québec in 1847. Fleeing famine, you are among the Irish who ...
Tourisme Témiscouata (Témiscouata RCM)
Fort Ingall is an authentic reconstitution of a British fort built on this site in 1839 during a border conflict between the United States and Canada. ...
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Hôtel-Motel Coconut
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Our suggested attractions:
KB3 offers its visitors an interpretive site that not only enhances mining buildings and their equipment, but also the work of the generations of workers who built the region. Visitors can also visit an ...
Our suggested articles:
Learn more about painter and sculptor Joan Miró, whose work is emblematic of 20th-century art.
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Date :  2019-05-20
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Hôtel Tadoussac, a legendary vacation resort, sits proudly at the mouth of the Saguenay Fjord and offers a spectacular view of one of the world’s most beautiful bays. The hotel offers a warm welcome at ...
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