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Family histories, true histories, living histories; you don’t take culture lightly, you absorb it. You are a sponge for culture, truly a historical suitcase making its way through time. Heritage speaks to you with its monuments, churches and objects. It has colour and flavour. You reach your hand out to the arts for a dance; you dust off mores to get down to their essence. You say yes to tours of museums, art galleries, interpretation circuits and anything that stimulates your intellect by its shape, movement or aim. You can be found burrowing about historic sites, applauding a cultural event or asking about an artisan’s work. Source for knowledge and meaning, history and culture, like your life, come together just as well in the past, present and future. Your intellect is what helps brings history to life.
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Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke
Plunge into a world of fantasy where what you see is mixed with what animals see, in a way that is as unexpected as it is scientific. The AlterAnima exhibit ...
Montréal en Histoires - Cité Mémoire
Freely inspired by the history of Montreal, cité mémoire invites you to meet a multitude of characters who have witnessed the city's evolution through ...
McCord Stewart Museum
The Museum presents the first major exhibition devoted to the photographer Alexander Henderson (1831-1913). Captivated by the majesty of territory’s wilderness ...
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Veteran actors Mario Jean and Diane Lavallée will share the stage in "Le grand virage", a play where retirement dreams collide. At the dawn of this new chapter, Simon and Sandra will sell all of their ...
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The members of SATQ and FEQ wow visitors with their dynamic style and creativity.
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Date :  2019-04-29
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Le Monastère des Augustines, located in the heart of Old Quebec, is a haven of peace. It's part of the historic Hôtel-Dieu de Québec monastery, the site of the first hospital on the continent, north of ...
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