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Urban centres are home to many art galleries, where artists from across the province can share their art, display it publically, offer it for sale and become known for their work. Often, it is also possible to discover different works of art at hotels, inns, restaurants or tourist offices that want to display local artists. Art galleries make it easier to access Quebec art, because they bring together several works of art by different artists in one place, so it’s no longer necessary to travel long distances to artists’ workshops. The perfect place to discover sculptures, paintings, drawings, photos and more, art galleries are where different artistic styles and media come together. Art galleries periodically organize exhibits, where a series of an artist’s works is on display for some time, so people can appreciate its different aspects.
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International Symposium of sculpture of Saint-Georges
Beauce Art has the mandate to promote sculpture through the presentation of the works of 10 sculptors per year who will create monumental art works in ...
art[o], la coop créative!
art[o], la coop créative! is a group of artists from all spheres who use the cooperative to distribute their work. First and foremost, art[o] is an art ...
Symposium des arts UV Mutuelle de Drummondville
For more than 25 years, the Drummondville Arts Symposium is undoubtedly the largest artistic gathering of its kind in the Center-du-Québec, it offers the ...
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