Parc Omega, a fabulous park with fascinating wildlife

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Bison at Parc Oméga
Photo credit: Parc Oméga

Less than 90 minutes from Montreal, Parc Omega in Montebello offers an unforgettable experience for nature enthusiasts. It’s the perfect place to spend your family vacation! Opened in 1991, the park now spans more than 2,200 acres of unspoiled nature and is home to more than 20 wildlife species. Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life? Treat yourself to an adventure at Parc Omega, where wonder awaits you at every turn.

A family-favourite activity

The Parc Omega car trail is a favourite among families. This 1.5-hour tour of the park follows a 12-km marked road in the comfort and safety of your own vehicle. In addition to the legendary grey wolves, the pride of the park, you’ll observe many North American wildlife species, including majestic bison and impressive mountain goats. There are also plenty of seasonal activities for the whole family to enjoy the park’s fauna and flora.

Accommodations for a good night’s sleep

After spending the day with the animals, why not turn your visit into an overnight getaway? Choose from an array of unique accommodations to complete your wildlife-watching experience in the heart of nature. Aspiring adventurers will certainly enjoy the ready-to-camp accommodations, including a house on stilts, a log cabin, a cone-shaped Wi-tent, a pod, or a tipi. You can even stay in a cottage overlooking the wolves’ habitat and get an up-close view of these creatures. Starting summer 2024, a new sector of panoramic cottages will provide an enhanced wolf-watching experience for guests.

Like nature, the park is constantly evolving

Nature is constantly changing — and so is Parc Oméga, a site dedicated to promoting wildlife! Every year, the park offers something new, whether it’s launching a new activity, upgrading existing habitats, introducing a new species or creating a new shared habitat, which is the case this year with Przewalski’s horses and bison. New to the park this summer are the adorable prairie dogs, who will take up residence at the Land of the Pioneers. The Parc Omega website is updated regularly to keep you informed on the latest news. Stay tuned!

Grey wolf at the Parc Oméga
Photo credit: Parc Oméga

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