Savour winter bliss at Bota Bota, spa-sur-l’eau

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This winter, take some time for yourself and enjoy tender moments at Bota Bota, spa-sur-l’eau, a floating oasis of calm and serenity in the heart of the Old Port of Montreal.

Pool at the Bota Bota spa
Photo credit: Constance Carpanèse

Relieve tension thanks to a massage

For the ultimate wellness experience, include a massage as part of your spa day. Akin to a sensory journey, massage therapy delivers a profound sensation of well-being that can relieve muscle tension, boost blood flow and soothe both body and mind. As a bonus: there are 32 rooms that can accommodate couples for massages.

The expert hands of certified massage therapists guide each of their movements with precision, while focusing on specific tense areas to release knots and promote total relaxation. All you need to do is decide which kind of massage is best suited to your needs: a classic massage for a global experience, or a discovery massage that lets you reconnect with yourself or retrieve balance in your body’s energy levels.

End your day in style with the “Layover after 5 p.m.”

From Friday to Sunday, let the waves lull you to sleep aboard the Bota Bota for a comforting winter evening, in a calm, relaxing and warm atmosphere where time seems suspended. Soak up the tranquillity of the facilities with a “Layover after 5 p.m.” that will transport you to a thermal experience combining hot, cold and relaxation. This soothing interlude will provide you with a myriad of benefits that repair and relieve aches and pains. The Layover after 5 p.m. package includes a discount on the current rate and evening access to the water circuit.

View of the Old Port from the Bota Bota spa
Photo credit: Constance Carpanèse

Treat your taste buds to a gourmet package

Relaxation and indulgence come together perfectly at Bota Bota. Make the most of your time on the boat by opting for the Bathe and Taste package, which includes access to the water circuit and a tasting plate at the La Traversée restaurant. After alternating hot, cold and relaxation sequences in the water circuit, the chef's gourmet cuisine, featuring winter flavours and Quebec terroir, will act like a balm for your body and mind. Crown this moment of indulgence with the breathtaking view of Montreal's Old Port.

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