Three unique experiences to enjoy at Spa Le Finlandais

Three unique experiences to enjoy at Spa Le Finlandais

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Arctic Bath
Arctic Bath at Spa Le Finlandais

Located in Rosemère, only minutes from Montreal but far enough from the hustle and bustle of the city, Spa Le Finlandais is a vast haven of relaxation nestled in the heart of the Rivière-des-Mille-Îles wildlife refuge. This beautiful spa boasts a wide range of facilities representing diverse spa cultures, making it a unique place in North America. Saunas with rejuvenating benefits, baths made to soothe or invigorate you, as well as treatments and massages provided by wellness professionals are just some of the ways you can unwind and pamper yourself at Le Finlandais.

The Viking Sauna: the perfect spot to escape and relax

Spa Le Finlandais takes you on an extraordinary wellness journey with saunas and hammams originating from all around the world. Among them, the one-of-a-kind Viking Sauna offers a panoramic view of the Rivière des Mille-Îles through its glass walls, fully immersing you in the surrounding forest. After soaking up this sauna’s gentle, enveloping warmth, awaken the warrior within you by taking a refreshing dip in the icy water!

The Turkish Bath: good for the body and soul

Continue your experience by visiting the Turkish Bath, a type of steam bath that dates back to the Roman Empire. Immerse yourself in the enveloping steam of this lavish, soothing space lit by the soft glow of a magnificent oriental chandelier. Marvel at the Moorish decor and dazzling central fireplace while admiring the marbled vaults and mosaics reminiscent of ancient splendours. Then, experience the ultimate benefits of thermotherapy by soaking in a cold bath featuring an icy waterfall – an innovative addition to this magnificent setting.

The Himalayan Lounge: an inspiring place to rest

To complete the thermal experience and round off your relaxing day at the spa, rest in the Himalayan Lounge for a few moments. This unique lounge features luminous walls made of blocks of pink Himalayan salt, which has beneficial properties and can help improve breathing. These colourful salt blocks along with the warm fireplace, natural light and enchanting decor give the Himalayan Lounge an otherworldly feel that will inspire you to put your daily cares on hold!

Himalayan Lounge
Himalayan Lounge at Spa Le Finlandais

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