The McCord Museum: 100 Years Young
Featured Events, November 29, 2021 2021-11-29
Musée McCord
Wearing Our Identity – The First Peoples Collection, McCord Museum © SMQ

The McCord Museum celebrates life in Montreal, its people and communities, past and present. Open on the city and on the world, the museum houses one of the most important historical collections in North America, and presents stimulating exhibitions as well as educational and cultural activities with a contemporary perspective on history. In addition, to celebrate the McCord Museum’s 100th anniversary, visitors are admitted free until January 19, 2022!

Discover Indigenous Voices of Today: Knowledge, Trauma, Resilience

This fascinating exhibition bears witness to the still unrecognized knowledge of Indigenous peoples, the deep wounds they carry and their incredible resilience Indigenous Voices of Today presents about one hundred carefully selected objects from the museum’s Indigenous Cultures collection as well as more than 80 powerful inspiring stories, told by text and video, from members of the 11 Indigenous nations of Quebec. As part of an effort to initiate dialogue and foster understanding, the exhibition offers an opportunity for a meaningful encounter.

Explore Parachute: Subversive Fashion of the ‘80s

Founded in Montreal in 1977 by designer Nicola Pelly and architect and urban planner Harry Parnass, the Parachute brand became a phenomenon on the international fashion scene, with celebrity clients such as Madonna, Duran Duran and Peter Gabriel.Parachute: Subversive Fashion of the ‘80s highlights the androgynous, avant-garde creations of Parachute, while looking back at the brand’s transformation.

Musée McCord
McCord Museum ©Elias-touil

Witness the magic of Christmas with Enchanted Worlds

Starting December 3, the Enchanted Worlds exhibit at the McCord Museum brings the magic of the Ogilvy Christmas mechanical windows back to life. Since 1947, these windows have delighted Montrealers with their Bavarian scenes featuring a multitude of handcrafted animals. Similar to other department stores around the world, such as Macy's in New York, these window displays are among the last of their kind in North America. They were donated to the McCord Museum in order to preserve the continuity of this symbolic Montreal tradition. The two displays, called The Enchanted Village and The Mill in the Forest, are sure to amaze onlookers. Share this delightful experience on social media with #McCordMuseum!

To find out more about activities, workshops and other exhibits, please head over to the McCord Museum website.

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