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A trip to the Charlevoix region in la Malbaie

Choose La Malbaie as the starting point for a spectacular getaway between the river and the mountains. The region of Charlevoix is bursting with hidden treasures that will delight families as well as couples looking for a change of scenery. This sector is known for its wide-open spaces ideal for hiking, biking and motorcycling, but also for its homegrown flavours and bubbling culture. On a vacation in La Malbaie, amazing scenery is everywhere you go, whether it’s at the museum, on the golf course, at a shop or at an art gallery filled with works created by local artisans.

Le Train de Charlevoix,
Train de Charlevoix, Photo credit: Caroline Perron

Climb aboard the Charlevoix Train

Take part in an adventure that will lead you through the landscapes of La Malbaie all the way to Baie-Saint-Paul. The Train de Charlevoix follows the shore of the St. Lawrence River revealing sites that are otherwise inaccessible. Bring a bite to eat on your ride and relax as the train rocks you side to side. For the full experience, choose a package with a four-hour stopover to discover the charm of Baie-Saint-Paul. At the end of the day, enjoy a drink in good company and let the train gently bring you back to your starting point.

Taste the flavours of Charlevoix

The mere mention of Charlevoix’s terroir is enough to awaken your inner gourmet. Take the time to stroll around the picturesque streets of La Malbaie and choose a restaurant that will thrill your taste buds. Or hop on the Flavour Trail that zigzags through majestic scenery and is lined with interesting food attractions. Make a stop here and there to visit proud local producers who will share their know-how or give you a guided tour. Culinary discoveries also abound at the restaurants of chefs who transform homegrown delicacies into true works of art every day.

La Route des Saveurs
The Flavour Trail
Hiking in La Malbaie
@deschenesphotographe / Hiking in La Malbaie

Take advantage of well-thought-out offers

Before heading out to explore La Malbaie, check out the various offers, which include lodging, some meals and a vast choice of activities. That way, you could add a whale-watching cruise to your stay or a round of golf or a spa package.

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