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Out to sea, feeling the sea breeze tickle your neck, taking on the waves. In another life, maybe you were a sailor or islander. One thing is certain; the might of the St. Lawrence River thrills you. The spectacular steep slopes of the fjord call out to you; cruises carry you far from your daily routine. In a kayak or aboard a Zodiac, fishing in the deep sea or watching whales, the river is your favourite place to play. On land, you savour seafood until your next outing on the water. You love listening to the creak of the docks swaying to the sea and the dexterity needed to savour lobster. Whipped by the winds, riverside circuits carry you from one point of view to the next. If only all roads could run alongside the river…
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AML Cruises (Montréal)
For one evening only, on December 21, celebrate Christmas with your family or friends on the river!
Montreal Science Centre
The fabled all-white Spirit Bear is one of the rarest animals on Earth. Come and explore this creature’s extraordinary habitat on Canada’s West Coast deep ...
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Hop on the ferry to see Québec City from an entirely different perspective. The Quebec City-Lévis Ferry offers spectacular views of Old Québec from the water and provides an excellent vantage point for ...
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The old Beauharnois Canal is one of the most coveted scenic canals in the province.
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Date :  2016-07-04
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Nestled in the heart of Charlevoix, the PETIT MANOIR DU CASINO, after a major fire in 2014, was rebuilt and opened to the public in 2015 in a trendy and up to date style. In September 2017, the addition ...
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Region: La MalbaieCharlevoix     
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