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Yes, everything urban suits your tastes! And taste is something you have. Your little finger leads the way to the hippest places in the city; like radar, you zone in on what makes the city folk move. A cocktail at a museum, an event for which the location is revealed at the last minute, a girls outing or a cigar evening with the guys; you’re into fashionable gatherings. You’re a night owl looking for your next favourite excursion out on the town. You frequent teahouses, microbreweries, wine bars, busy city arteries. You know the best go-to places so your shopping trip will be a stylish happening for all your girlfriends. You take the city’s pulse and move to the same beat. Seeking out the next find!
Our suggested things to do:
Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal
Trace the history of Montreal, from the colony's origins to the imposing church that stands today, and learn about the Basilica's architecture, its works ...
Montréal en Histoires - Cité Mémoire
Freely inspired by the history of Montreal, cité mémoire invites you to meet a multitude of characters who have witnessed the city's evolution through ...
Musée de la civilisation
Discover the different exhibitions of the Musée de la civilisation which allows you to explore the different facets of society and multiple civilizations ...
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Our suggested attractions:
Recognized as THE indoor entertainment destination in Eastern Canada, the Méga Parc is one of the most important tourist attractions in the Quebec region. Located in the heart of the Galeries de la Capitale ...
Category: Amusement Park     
Region: City of QuébecQuébec region     
Our suggested articles:
Discover the unique, captivating charm of these hotels located in the heart of Old Québec City.
Experience:  Romance     
Author:  Quebecgetaways     
Date :  2017-12-29
Our suggested lodging:
Located in the heart of Hull and at proximity of parliamant Hill, The Suites Hotels are the place to stay where you are in town. All the suites have been completely renovated with a contemporary, distinguished ...
Category: Hotel     
Region: GatineauOutaouais     
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