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This series of road trips, complete with maps, is essential for planning a great vacation! The trails run through every region, from west to east and north to south, for trips lasting anywhere from 3 to 20 days. Thanks to our themed circuits, we have something for everyone, from adventure seekers to nature lovers and from history buffs to Sunday sailors. Time to hit the open road!
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Look forward to the best winter ever at Quebec’s Fairmont Hotels and Resorts
Enjoy a break from your daily cares this winter and plan a vacation that will do you a world of good.
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2020-02-17
Relaxation, ski and more in Brome-Missisquoi!
Here is a dream scenario for a magnificent winter vacation!
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2020-02-10
Get a taste for winter in Charlevoix
This region is an excellent destination for outdoor enthusiasts, culture lovers and foodies alike.
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2020-02-03
Your destination for outdoor fun this winter: the Jacques-Cartier region
This is where you’ll find your inspiration: on Quebec’s biggest playground!
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2020-01-27
Set your sights on the Outaouais
Plan a trip that has a gourmet side, a festive side and a luxurious side and is rooted in nature!
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2020-01-20
Travel across the Laurentians this winter
Treat yourself to a vacation of pure bliss at a top winter destination!
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2020-01-06
Discover the vast outdoors on the road in Quebec!
Cast a new look on massive snow falls: they signal the beginning of a great adventure!
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2019-12-12
Plan a heart-warming road trip to Quebec this winter
Take some time for yourself this season and treat yourself to a trip where relaxation is at the forefront.
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2019-12-12
Three road trips to Quebec to warm your heart this fall!
Celebrate the return of beautiful colours and indulge in a vacation just for fun!
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2019-09-09
Take a road trip this fall to see the vast outdoors of Quebec
Choose from a variety of outdoor activities and create an awe-inspiring vacation of pure thrills.
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2019-09-09