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Fleuve Espace danse
Produced by the choreographic creations company Fleuve | Espace danse. The contemporary dance event « À ciel ouvert | danser sur l'infini de l'horizon » co-distributed by the Fête des Chants de Marins of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli as seen in previous years ...
Large Parks - Ville de Montreal
The Montréal Network of Large Parks is made up of 19 invaluable green spaces, spread across the island of Montréal and Île-Bizard. They provide opportunities to explore nature, get outdoors and simply relax. As the seasons change, so do the distinctive ...
Quebec Association of agricultural Fairs (AEAQ)
The AEAQ's mission is to promote and support the development of its members on the province of Quebec scale, by practicing a leadership role. These entertaining, educational and unique fairs are not only emerging as large family celebrations, but represent ...