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Côte-Nord - Nature, beyond measure
Urge to Road Trip?! Discover the North Shore with its 1300 kilometers of coastline and its breathtaking landscapes. A true playground for outdoor and adventure lovers, the North Shore is also a cultural and historical jewel that will please everyone. ...
Tourisme Baie-Comeau
In Baie-Comeau, you can enjoy parks, ponds, hiking trails, beaches, and even admire whales… all without ever leaving the city! You’ll be entranced by the dancing waves on the river or by the interplaying lights shining through the stained-glass windows ...
Ville de Baie-Comeau
Here, we live at the time of the tides, we soak up the natural rhythm of the place, far from the noise and agitation of urban life. Baie-Comeau is surrounded by a generous natural environment and offers a wide range of cultural and sporting activities ...