Agritourism/Guest Farms in Quebec
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Agritourism/Guest Farms in Quebec
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Alpagas du Domaine Poissant
Welcome to Alpagas du Domaine Poissant! Experience unforgettable walks in the company of the adorable alpacas. Gracefully stroll on a private trail at Mont St-Hilaire, where magic happens with every step. Book your walking experience now and let yourself ...
La Rabouillère
Located in Saint-Valérien-de-Milton, just within the territorial limits of Montérégie and right next to the eastern Townships, la Rabouillère is a different kind of farm, dedicated to agri-tourism. A genuine breeding farm, an unparalleled array of animals ...
Bleu Lavande
Immerse yourself in the culture of lavender in Quebec thanks to Espaces Bleu Lavande in Magog. In addition to lavender fields and floral gardens in harmonious colors, our tourist site features an interpretation center, an immersive Moment Factory experience ...
La ferme Quinn
A day at Quinn Farm is a day surrounded by nature. Come pick your strawberries, blueberries, corn, apples, pumpkins and even your Christmas tree. Kids will definitely want to stop by the barn to see the animals and have fun in the large play yard! Several ...
La Vallée du Wapiti
It all started with a visit to Parc Oméga in 2007. While feeding the wapitis, Christine Langelier and Mathieu Lavallée came up with the ideal of raising the animals and sell their meat. Owners of some land in St-Bernard-de-Michaudville, the couple worked ...
La Ferme Potagère
Visit La Ferme Potagère to pick your own pumpkins and squash. Many other garden products are available on site, including blueberries, grapes and honeyberries, depending on the season. La Ferme Potagère also offers a variety of pork products and dishes ...
Ferme Bel Alpaga - Bon Autruche
At the Bel Alpaga - Bon Autruche farm, visitors enjoy the unique experience of touching and caressing the fur of the alpacas and the exotic feathers of the ostriches. Moreover, they will gladly pose for a picture or pop into a selfie with you. Visiting ...
Ferme “La Fille du Roy”
The farm La Fille du Roy offers to customers the pleasure of coming to pick your own strawberries in the summer and around the end of August, picking of artichokes, ground cherries and tomatillos begins, followed by squash and pumpkins in early September ...
Les Délices du Rapide
Come to Les Délices du Rapide farm to discover haskap berries, this small fruit with a unique taste. You will be able to pick your own organic haskap berries in a beautiful orchard. Bring containers and a camera to make the most of the visit!
Ferme maricole Purmer
The Ferme maricole Purmer (mariculture farm) is a new company that grows mussels, scallops and seaweed in the Sept-Îles archipelago. By a zodiac trip, you can reach the operating site where an interpretation activity is offered. You can then taste the ...