Hydroelectric Power Stations in Quebec
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Hydroelectric Power Stations in Quebec
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Centre d'interprétation de l'ancienne centrale Saint-Alban II
9, Secteur des gorges de la rivière Sainte-Anne
Saint-Alban, Qc, Canada
G0A 3B0
Centrale hydroélectrique Frontenac (Hydro-Sherbrooke)
Parc hydrotouristique des Chutes à Magnan
Lac-Mégantic microgrid
Discover the first islandable, neighborhood-sized electric microgrid in Québec and still the only one! With his 2,200 solar panels, storage batteries, smart devices and centralized control system, this electric microgrid able to power part of the new ...
Rapides-Farmer Generating Station
In the heart of the city of Gatineau, just 6 km from the Hull district, lies Rapides-Farmer generating station, a landmark in Outaouais history. This power plant has been in operation since 1927. Your tour will unlock the secrets of the river, first used ...
La Grande-1 Generating Station
After your visit to the Robert-Bourassa generating facility, get back on the road and see the look outs of the last generating station on the Grande Rivière: La Grande-1. This run-of river generating station is also home to impressive plant and wildlife ...
Première-Chute Generating Station
Visiting the Première-Chute generating station is discovering Québec's genius and know-how in construction. It's also having a great family activity, free and informative. You may now have access to the new information center wich includes scale models ...
Jean-Lesage Generating Station (Manic-2)
What are the main parts of a hydropower facility? How does it work? You’ll find out when you visit Jean-Lesage generating station and one of the world’s largest gravity dams ! You’ll see a 400-tonne rotor spinning over your head and feel the immense power ...
Carillon Generating Station
Located on the border of Québec and Ontario, Carillon is the most powerful generating station on the Rivière des Outaouais (Ottawa River). It was also the first generating station built by French-speaking engineers, back in the 1960s. Erected near the ...
Rivière-des-Prairies Generating Station
Rivière-des-Prairies generating station has stood proudly between the Montréal and Laval shores since the 1930s. Come learn about this run-of-river facility and the introduction of electricity in the Montréal region. Then, follow your guide to the turbine ...