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Directory of attractions - James Bay
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Robert-Bourassa Generating Facility
Calling everyone who loves nature: take the Billy-Diamond Road and see where all that energy comes from: the Robert-Bourassa development. Climb aboard a bus to discover the sheer immensity of Hydro-Québec’s structures, look up at a towering dam as tall ...
La Grande-1 Generating Station
After your visit to the Robert-Bourassa generating facility, get back on the road and see the look outs of the last generating station on the Grande Rivière: La Grande-1. This run-of river generating station is also home to impressive plant and wildlife ...
Nuuhchimi Wiinuu
An eco-tourism aboriginal site is ready to welcome you. It consists of a chalet, multiple traditional and authentic Cree dwellings that feature comfort and unique experiences that immerse guests into the Cree cultural environment. In the winter, snowshoeing ...
Corporation Nibiischii
Nibiischii Corporation (Land of Water) operates the vast Albanel-Mistassini-and-Waconichi Wildlife Reserve, spanning more than 16,000 km². This magnificent boreal territory, marked by a vibrant culture, is run by the Cree Nation of Mistissini. The wildlife ...
Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute
Wachiya! Awarded the United Nations “We the Peoples” Award, the community of Oujé- Bougoumou is host to the Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute. This unique center is more than a museum, it is a center where Cree culture is experienced and taught ...
Club d'Auto-neige de Chibougamau
Each year, this snowmobile club maintains more than 330 km of trails for more than 4 and a half months to satisfy the most demanding snowmobilers. Since they are the 2nd northernmost club in Quebec, they can guarantee true winter conditions, and especially ...
Parc linéaire et sentier écologique de Radisson
D'une longueur de 1,3 kilomètres, le sentier du parc linéaire vous fait découvrir l'aménagement nordique su noyau villageois de Radisson. Il mène au sentier écologique Hudson d'où vous pouvez contempler la nature et les particularités de l'environnement ...
Réserve faunique Assinica
1584, route 167 Nord
Chibougamau, Qc, Canada
G8P 2K5
Trails near Lac Imbeau
Stroll along these 12 km of trails and admire the geological features that bear staggering witness to the passage of glaciers. On the interpretive panels, you'll find virtual guides who tell breathtaking stories about the region and demystify these rare ...
Nation Crie de Chisasibi